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Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
kept up a tough day of travel for joe biden. air force ii had delays on the way back to washington this evening. low visibility at andrews air force base prompted the plane to divert to dulles, instead. >> everyone on board the flight was just fine. >> there's new evidence after a fiery crash in chevy chase last spring. police say a stolen car slammed into a tree killing three teenagers. >> tomorrow, the sole survivor goes on trial, but his lawyer says he's not responsible and he's filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit. >> reporter: take a look at this montgomery county police dash cam video showing officers pursue a stolen toyota. they pursue into the chevy chase circle. the chase ends abruptly. >> the vehicle is on fire. >> reporter: our excusive video shows the fire back in march. three teenagers died. the only survivor has a criminal trial scheduled to begin tomorrow. charges include theft. >> the video shows a pursuit being recklessly engaged in by officers. >> richardson's lawyer says they're suing montgomery county police in a civil sut for 10 million dlar. >> approximately 4
Sep 29, 2012 11:00pm EDT
work. >> reporter: vice-president joe biden appealed to older voters in another battleground state, assuring florida seniors medicare would be around for future generations. >> the action the president took has actually strengthened the medicare trust fund and exceeded its life up to 2024. >> reporter: off the campaign trail, president obama and challenger mitt romney are prepping for their first debate. in practice sessions, romney will get help from ohio senator rob fortman, who will play the role of the president. president obama will look to massachusetts senator john kerry to stand in for romney. behind in recent polls, some campaign watchers say romney has more riding on the debates, as well as more to gain, than the president. >> the challenger has the opportunity to establish he is competent to stand up and hold his own against the president of the united states. a challenger who accomplishes that in effect wins the first debate. >> reporter: wednesday's debate gives both candidates a chance to explain their plans for health care and the economy. drew levinson, cbs news. >>
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2